Integrate your shop with Intercom

Integrate your shop with Intercom

Integrate orders from your shop in your Inbox, Messenger & Custom Bots

The Goaddon Bridge for Intercom allows ecommerce companies to easily embed data from their online shop into Intercom.

With its seamless integration, convenient order management features, and customizable chatbot capabilities, the Goaddon Bridge is a powerful tool that helps you manage your ecommerce business and provide a great experience to your customers.

The app is developed and supported by Goaddon .

Boosting the efficiency of online stores around the world

1 Browse your orders from the Inbox

The Goaddon Bridge allows you to access and view order data directly from within your Intercom Inbox.

The app provides a seamless integration between your online shop and Intercom, giving you access to important order information without having to switch between different systems. With the app, you can quickly and easily see details about each order, including customer details, purchased products, dispatched parcels and order status.

In addition to providing easy access to your order data, our Intercom app also allows you to manage your orders. This means you can cancel and refund orders with a single click, without having to navigate to your online shop or use any other tools.

2 Let customers access their orders from the Messenger

Not only does the Goaddon Bridge make it easy for you to track and manage orders, but it also provides a convenient way for your customers to access their own order informations.

Your customers can use the Intercom Messenger to quickly look up their order details, by simply providing their order number and email address. If the provided informations match an existing order, the app will display the order details and status to the customer.

Additionally, if you as a business owner allow it, your customers will be able to cancel their own orders through the Intercom Messenger, as long as the order has not yet been processed and shipped.

3 Build tailored experiences through Custom Bots

In addition to providing easy access to your order data and enabling customers to look up their own orders, the Goaddon Bridge also offers a powerful API that can be used in conjunction with Intercom Custom Bots.

The API allows you to design custom conversation flows that provide tailored informations to your customers based on their specific orders.

The API will provide you with a list of product names related to the order, and you can display these as conversation options in the form of Reply buttons. You can then use our API to retrieve additional informations about the selected product for use in the continued conversation.

For example, if a customer wants to chat about clothing purchased from your shop, you could create a conversation flow that provides instructions on how to exchange a purchase for a different size. This personalized, automated approach can help to improve your customers' experience, and can save you time and effort through automization of common customer interactions.